Global Humanitarian Overview 2020

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    Humanitarian needs and requirements

    Since the publication of the Global Humanitarian Response Plan (GHRP) on 25 March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken hold in the 54 countries with ongoing humanitarian crises at varying scale, speed and severity levels. Based on their vulnerability and response capacity, an additional 10 countries were included in this update, bringing the number of countries covered by this plan to 63.

    With the release of the GHRP July Update, COVID-19 financial requirements have risen from US$6.69 billion to $10.26 billion. This significant increase is due to a rapid evolution of humanitarian needs, the inclusion of the additional countries, increased cost of essential health and other supplies, and air and sea transportation. The additional requirements for the COVID-19-related emergency response compound the already significant funding gap for humanitarian response plans globally.

    In December 2019, the UN projected a requirement of $28.8 billion in the GHO for its response to humanitarian needs in 2020. Drawing a parallel to the global crisis of 2008-2009, when humanitarian requirements grew by 54 per cent, all indications are that humanitarian needs will increase significantly by the end of 2020 due to the secondary impacts of COVID-19. Including requirements for COVID-19 response, overall humanitarian funding requirements now exceed $40bn.

    Interagency Response Plans in 2020

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    groupPeopleattach_moneyFunding progress (USD)
    Interagency Response PlansIn NeedTargetedEstimated ReachedFundingFunding CoverageRequirements
    10mNo dataNo data$1.13bn
    Burkina FasoHRP2.9m2.1m
    2.3mNo dataNo data$424.4m
    370kNo dataNo data$197.9m
    2.2mNo dataNo data$390.9m
    1.4mNo dataNo data$553.6m
    2.2mNo dataNo data$664.6m
    1.2mNo dataNo data$209.7m
    6.6mNo dataNo data$2.07bn
    13mNo dataNo data$1.25bn
    1.4mNo dataNo data$472m
    1.4mNo dataNo data$662.2m
    390kNo dataNo data$129.8m
    2.6mNo dataNo data$474.3m
    0.7mNo dataNo data$275.3m
    1.1mNo dataNo data$516.1m
    5.4mNo dataNo data$1.08bn
    1.2mNo dataNo data$420.4m
    2.3mNo dataNo data$1.01bn
    South SudanHRP7.5m7.4m
    6.5mNo dataNo data$1.90bn
    8.8mNo dataNo data$1.63bn
    7.4mNo dataNo data$3.82bn
    1mNo dataNo data$204.7m
    4mNo dataNo data$762.5m
    10.7mNo dataNo data$3.38bn
    4mNo dataNo data$800.8m
    Djibouti Flash AppealFA150k150k
    No dataNo dataNo data$14.3m
    Lebanon Flash AppealFA1m300k
    No dataNo dataNo data$196.6m
    Lesotho Flash AppealFA0.5m261k
    No dataNo dataNo data$33.7m
    Bangladesh Joint Response Plan (JRP)RRP1.8m1.8m
    No dataNo dataNo data$1.06bn
    Burundi RegionalRRP2.8m2.8m
    No dataNo dataNo data$267.6m
    DRC RegionalRRP2.2m2.2m
    No dataNo dataNo data$587.4minfo
    Nigeria RegionalinfoRRPNo dataNo data
    No dataNo dataNo data$0
    Venezuela RegionalRRP6.1m4.1m
    No dataNo dataNo data$1.41bn
    The Horn of Africa and Yemen (MRP)RRP200k200k
    No dataNo dataNo data$43.3m
    South Sudan RegionalRRP3.8m3.8m
    No dataNo dataNo data$1.02bninfo
    Syria RegionalRRP9.5m9.5m
    No dataNo dataNo data$6bninfo
    Bangladesh (COVID)Other20.2m7.5m
    No dataNo dataNo data$205.9m
    Benin (COVID)Other3m1m
    No dataNo dataNo data$17.9m
    Cabo Delgado (Mozambique)Other0.7m354k
    No dataNo dataNo data$35.5m
    Colombia (COVID)OtherNo dataNo data
    No dataNo dataNo data$283.9m
    Djibouti (COVID)Other1.2m0.6m
    No dataNo dataNo data$30m
    DPR Korea (COVID)OtherNo dataNo data
    No dataNo dataNo data$39.7m
    DPR KoreaOther10.4m5.5m
    No dataNo dataNo data$107m
    Ecuador (COVID)Other9m2.4m
    No dataNo dataNo data$46.4m
    Famine Prevention (COVID)OtherNo dataNo data
    No dataNo dataNo data$500m
    Global Operational Support (COVID)OtherNo dataNo data
    No dataNo dataNo data$376m
    Iran (COVID)Other40.1m25m
    No dataNo dataNo data$117.3m
    Jordan (COVID)Other1.4m1m
    No dataNo dataNo data$52.8m
    Kenya (COVID)Other13.8m9.7m
    No dataNo dataNo data$254.9m
    Lebanon (COVID)Other6mNo data
    No dataNo dataNo data$136.5m
    Liberia (COVID)Other4.4m2.5m
    No dataNo dataNo data$57m
    Mozambique (COVID)Other7.8m2.9m
    No dataNo dataNo data$68.1m
    Pakistan (COVID)Other6.7m5.7m
    No dataNo dataNo data$145.8m
    Philippines (COVID)Other39m5.4m
    No dataNo dataNo data$121.8m
    Republic of Congo (COVID)Other1.7m400k
    No dataNo dataNo data$12m
    Sierra Leone (COVID)OtherNo data1.8m
    No dataNo dataNo data$62.9m
    Tanzania (COVID)Other11.1m7.5m
    No dataNo dataNo data$158.9m
    Togo (COVID)Other3.5m1.5m
    No dataNo dataNo data$19.8m
    Uganda (COVID)Other13.6m11.4m
    No dataNo dataNo data$200.2m
    Unallocated supplementary NGOs (COVID)OtherNo dataNo data
    No dataNo dataNo data$300m
    ZambiaOtherNo dataNo data
    No dataNo dataNo data$89.5minfo
    Zambia (COVID)Other9.8m6.1m
    No dataNo dataNo data$125.6m