occupied Palestinian territory 2021

Humanitarian response plan | Rev: 1.4 | published | Download the HRP document
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Cluster Objectives

  • CO1

    Humanitarian response is implemented through effective coordination mechanisms and supported by the timely allocation of humanitarian pooled funds
  • CO2

    Provision of humanitarian assistance is enabled through the promotion of humanitarian principles and the rights of Palestinians living under occupation

Indicator Overview

Humanitarian response is implemented through effective coordination mechanisms and supported by the timely allocation of humanitarian pooled funds

IN1: # of coordination meetings held on a regular basisMeetings0
IN1: Average # of days required to process and award a grant via the oPt Humanitarian Fund N/A0
IN1: "# of humanitarian personnel receiving technical advice and support during access incidents via 24/7 hotline "Staff0
IN1: % of people targeted in the HRP that receive humanitarian assistance0
IN1: # of joint or coordinated advocacy events, including at the HCT level0
IN1: % of HRP projects with strong protection mainstreaming0
IN1: # of updated inter-agency contingency plan (IACP) and cluster-specific contingency plans, including standard operating procedures (SOPs), and seasonalisation plans in place (Gaza)0
IN1: # of meetings of CEWGMeetings0
IN1: # of regular joint HRP monitoring and evaluation products completed and disseminated0
IN1: Humanitarian Response Plan is updated with new activities by end of 20210
IN1: # of local NGOs included in the HRP with self-led projects0
IN2: # of visas, permits, approvals and coordination facilitated for humanitarian personnel0
IN2: # of humanitarian personnel that receive coordinated technical access support in accordance with humanitarian principles, international law and security advice in order to better direct assistance to the civilian population0
IN2: # of cluster assessments0
IN2: % of HRP projects with 4(M) or 4(T) gender with age marker coding0
IN2: Humanitarian Need Overview is updated with new data by end of 20210
IN2: # of local NGOs included in the HRP in partnership with international organisations (UN or INGO)0
IN2: # of clusters that have mapped their partner’s operational presence and response capacity (West Bank)0
IN2: # of workshops/round-table discussions/training on AAP (including CE and PSEA)Trainings0
IN2: % of timely monitoring field visits conducted to projects funded by humanitarian pooled fund allocations, with relevant cluster and inter-sectoral support0
IN3: # of inter-sectoral humanitarian needs assessments conducted (Multi-Sectorial Needs Assessment )0
IN3: OCHA Feedback mechanism in place0
IN3: # of negotiations on improving humanitarian access initiated and maintained, including the facilitation of critical movement0
IN4: # of common decentralised systems/platforms created, maintained and made accessible to the HCT0
IN4: # of PSEA meetings coordinated by OCHA0
IN5: # of common operational datasets and functional information datasets created/updated0
IN5: # of PSEA Awareness raising products produced/ shared by OCHA for humanitarian community0
IN6: # of information products produced to improve situation awareness0