Mozambique Humanitarian Response Plan 2021

Humanitarian response plan | Rev: 2.6 | published | Download the HRP document
People in need
People targeted
Requirements ($)
Coverage (%)
Unmet ($)

Indicator Overview

CO1: Basic needs are met and access to essential services facilitated and improved
IN1: Emergency shelter support providedSupports200
IN2: Extent persons of concern have access to primary health carePercentage85
IN3: % of primary school-aged children enrolled in primary educationPercentage65
IN4: % of persons of concern with disabilities who receive services for their specific needsPercentage90
CO2: Self-reliance and livelihoods improved
IN1: # of PoC receiving life-skills training for livelihood purposesTrainings475
CO3: Refugees and asylum-seekers are protected from violence and exploitationand assist them with individual documentation and legal support.
IN1: % of PoC who have a valid identity documentPercentage85
IN2: % of PoC registered on an individual basisPercentage100
IN3: Extent PoC have access to legal assistancePercentage100
CO4: Strengthen the protection environment of populations affected by armed violence, displacement and other populations affected by the crisis
IN1: % of child cases of abuse, violence or exploitation receiving age and gender sensitive servicesPercentage100
IN2: Extent of GBV survivors receive appropriate supportPercentage100