Syria Humanitarian Response Plan 2021

Humanitarian response plan | Rev: 2.7 | published
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Sector Objectives

  • CO1

    Enhance access to market-based livelihood opportunities and production
  • CO2

    Improved access to basic services, electricity, water, education and health facilities
  • CO3

    Support social cohesion through working for and with communities
  • CO4

    Coordination to support early recovery and livelihood response

Indicator overview

CO1: Enhance access to market-based livelihood opportunities and production
IN1: Percentage of targeted households not employing negative coping strategies compared to same period (rCSI)Percentage70
CA1: Create short-term work opportunities
IN1: # of short-term work opportunities created including through market-based modalitiesWork opportunities162,000
CA2: Foster access to regular employment
IN1: # of people obtaining or accessing regular employment, as a result of sector supportPeople8,000
CA3: Provide vocational and skills training opportunities
IN1: # of people provided with vocational and skills trainingPeople50,000
CA4: Support to entrepreneurship
IN1: # of people supported to rehabilitate, develop or start a social or business entrepreneurship initiativePeople24,000
CA5: Provide support to rural enterprises and entrepreneurs
IN1: # of rural enterprises provided with productive assetsNumbers11,300
CA6: Rehabilitation of sustainable productive assets
IN1: #of newly generated jobs opportunity as the result of the rehabilitation of markets, storage, warehousing, irrigation facilities and processing facilities.Work opportunities100,000
CA7: Rehabilitate or repair basic, local economic infrastructure
IN1: # of local economic infrastructures rehabilitated, including markets; storage, warehousing and processingInfrastructures750
CA8: Provide market-based modalities of assistance to vulnerable households
IN1: # of vulnerable households including female-headed households, elderly, etc. provided through market-based modalities of assistanceHouseholds70,000
IN2: # of children with severe disabilities provided with cash transfer and case management to improve their livelihoods and access to essential servicesNumbers14,000
CA9: Remove debris and waste
IN1: # of m3 of waste and debris removedNumbers500,000
CA10: Rehabilitate education facilities
IN1: # of classrooms rehabilitatedClassrooms0
CA11: Rehabilitate health facilities
IN1: # of clinics rehabilitatedClinics120
CA12: Rehabilitate other social infrastructure
IN1: # of social infrastructures rehabilitatedInfrastructures2,000
CA13: Rehabilitate access to basic utilities, such as electricity, gas, water and sewage
IN1: # of households provided with access to one or more basic utilities, such as electricity, gas, water and sewageHouseholds440,000
CA14: Rehabilitation of access roads and drainege systems
IN1: #km of access roads and related drainage systems rehabilitatedKilometers200
CA15: Provide capacity and equipment support to local public service providers
IN1: # of local service delivery organizations, such as local administrative service providers; extension services, supported with rehabilitation; equipment; operational supportServices120
IN2: # of girls and boys benefiting from repaired, established, constructed or rehabilitated classroomsNumbers0
CA16: Support community initiatives
IN1: # of initiatives supported at community levelInitiatives2,000
CA17: Support civic engagement initiatives
IN1: # of participants involved in civic engagement community initiativesParticipants50,000
CA18: Foster IDP and refugee returnees integration
IN1: # of initiatives to support social cohesion between IDPs/refugee-returnees and host communitiesInitiatives300
IN2: # of adolescents and youth (10-24 years) promoting social cohesion and civic engagement at community levelNumbers300,000
IN3: # of affected adolescents and youth (10-24 years) receiving life-skills and citizenship education and employability skillsNumbers250,000
CA19: Formulating area-based ERL plans
IN1: # of ERL plans / guide linesPlans6
CA20: Collecting and collating the progress on ERL initiatives
IN1: # of partners submitting 4Ws informationPartners80
CA21: Formulating evidence based thematic strategies
IN1: # of studiesStudies2