Ethiopia Humanitarian Response Plan 2022

Humanitarian response plan | Rev: 0.7
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Strategic Objectives

  • 1

    Reduce loss of life, physical and psychosocial harm among the most vulnerable population affected by conflict and drought, including 5.0 million IDPs and 11.5 million non-displaced, by decreasing the prevalence of hunger, acute malnutrition, public health threats and outbreaks, and exposure to protection risks, by the end of 2022.
  • 2

    Sustain the lives of 17.1 million people requiring humanitarian assistance and protection and basic services, including 13.2 million non-displaced, 3.9 million IDPs and persons with disabilities across 889 woredas, by ensuring safe, dignified, accountable and equitable access to livelihoods and protection and other essential services by the end of 2022 and enhance the protection environment.
  • 3

    Enhance the protection environment and avoid and reduce harm by mainstreaming protection and gender and age considerations in the multi-sectoral response and contribute to protection outcomes.