South Sudan Humanitarian Response Plan 2022

Humanitarian response plan | Rev: 1.4 | published | Download the HRP document
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Cluster humanitarian profile


Indicators overview

CO2: Improve living condition of IDPs by facilitating safe, equitable and dignified access to cross-sectoral humanitarian services, including CCCM
IN1: Number of site population reached by camp management servicesPeopleShow the disaggregated data for this data point1,414,596
IN2: % of sites improved through care and maintenance interventions, including community-based infrastructure rehabilitated through cash for work initiativesPercentage80
IN3: # of sites with adequate camp management support and site facilitationPercentage80
IN4: # Sites with functional referral pathways in place to ensure that people with specific needs receive the assistance and protection requiredPercentage80
IN5: % of site population who are satisfied with overall levels of servicePercentage80
IN6: % of site population who consider the complaints response mechanisms accessible, effective, confidential and safePercentage100
CO3: Enhance the protective environment, respond to vulnerable population with priority on addressing protection gaps and strengthen the predictability and effectiveness of multi sectorial interventions at site level
IN1: # Safety audits conducted in coordination with site level protection actorsAudits210
IN2: % of recommended mitigation actions from safety audit directly integrated into site maintenance and addressed with site maintenance ActivitiesPercentage100
IN3: # of persons living with disabilities reporting to be satisfied with the opportunities they have to influence site decisionsPeopleShow the disaggregated data for this data point210,000
IN4: # of displacement sites where planning is done with the participation of the camp populationSites70
IN5: # of site maintenance activities with a specific focus on PSNsActivities70
IN6: % displacement sites where sex and age disaggregated data is regularly collected and shared with partnersPercentage100
CO4: Support vulnerable IDPs to recover from the crisis by strengthening community self-management, build resilience to promote solutions for displaced people in sites
IN1: # of community engagement initiatives conducted ie. town hall meetings; elections; information campaignsMeetings30
IN2: # of sites with established phase-out community participation structures and supported with self-management toolsSites30
IN3: # of displaced people in sites engaged in community level self-reliance activitiesPeopleShow the disaggregated data for this data point250,000
IN4: % of female committee members who feel their views are taken into account during decision-making processesPercentage100
IN5: # of sites phased out and handed over to the community for self-managementSites30
IN6: % of members of site governance structure participating in site phase-out activitiesPercentage100

Organizations overview

OrganizationProjectsCamp Coordination and Camp Management
Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development1Camp Coordination and Camp Management
Danish Refugee Council1Camp Coordination and Camp Management
Health Link South Sudan1Camp Coordination and Camp Management
Hope Restoration South Sudan1Camp Coordination and Camp Management
International Organization for Migration1Camp Coordination and Camp Management
Narrative Hub1Camp Coordination and Camp Management
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees1Camp Coordination and Camp Management