South Sudan Humanitarian Response Plan 2022

Humanitarian response plan | Rev: 1.4 | published | Download the HRP document
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Current funding ($)
Coverage (%)

Indicators overview

CO1: Strengthen coordination including joint and complementary needs analysis to inform response
IN1: Number of joint, methodologically rigorous inter-sectoral needs assessments conductedNumbers79
IN2: Number of NAWG joint analysis workshops conducted on the South Sudan contextNumbers2
IN3: Number of humanitarian hubs in targeted areas used by humanitarian actors during response scale-upNumbers4
IN4: Percentage of times NAWG prioritized counties received inter-sectoral response scale-upPercentage80
CO2: Enhanced strategic response planning to facilitate principled and well-coordinated humanitarian action
IN1: Number of coordinated humanitarian response strategies and Periodic Monitoring Review (PMR) reported.Numbers2
CO3: Ensure timely monitoring of new displacement and return movements and related needs
IN1: Number of early warning flash reports on population movements and trends to inform prioritization of responseNumbers30
CO4: Enhance programme quality through strengthened Accountability to Affected People
IN1: Percentage of beneficiaries (disaggregated by age, sex and diversity) who have access to safe, child and gender sensitive complaint, feedback and reporting channels in humanitarian response sites for reporting sensitive issues and concerns in aid delivery and misconduct by aid workers.Percentage75
IN2: Percentage of beneficiaries (disaggregated by age, sex and ability) who report they have access to complaints and feedback mechanismsPercentage75
IN4: Percentage of cases received in a Complaints Feedback Mechanism that have been “considered as resolved.”Percentage70

Organizations overview

OrganizationProjectsCoordination and Common Services
International Organization for Migration1Coordination and Common Services
Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs1Coordination and Common Services
REACH Initiative1Coordination and Common Services
Titi Foundation1Coordination and Common Services
Youth Empowerment Foundation1Coordination and Common Services