South Sudan Humanitarian Response Plan 2022

Humanitarian response plan | Rev: 1.5 | published | Download the HRP document
Requirements ($)
Current funding ($)
Coverage (%)

Indicators overview

CO1: Provide logistics coordination, information management, preparedness and technical advisory services to the humanitarian community
IN1: Number of organizations utilizing logistics and coordination servicesOrganizations340
IN2: Number of information products shared with the humanitarian communityDocuments170
IN3: Number of cluster coordination meetings conductedMeetings40
IN4: Number of humanitarian staff benefitting from logistics capacity building servicesStaff500
IN5: User satisfaction rate of annual performance survey for Logistics Cluster and UNHASPercentage90
CO2: Enhanced access to beneficiaries and project implementation sites through safe, effective and efficient passenger air service
IN1: Number of passengers transportedPeople65,000
IN2: Amount of light humanitarian cargo transported by UNHASMetric tons2,000
IN3: Percentage of evacuations (medical and security) performed against requestPercentage100
CO3: Achieve logistics and cost efficiencies through the expansion of road and river transport modalities and a decreased reliance on air operations
IN1: Quantity (mt) of humanitarian cargo moved through Logistics Cluster common servicesMetric tons8,500
IN2: Percentage of humanitarian relief cargo moved by river and road versus by airPercentage50
IN3: Amount of cargo moved with Common Transport Services trucks in support of air, river and Beyond ResponsesMetric tons16,718
IN4: Number of inter-agency road convoys facilitated45
IN5: Amount of common storage space made available to the humanitarian communitym219,500
IN6: Amount of kilometers of Bor and Bentiu primary dyke rehabilitatedKilometers94
IN7: Amount of kilometers of main supply routes rehabilitatedKilometers534
IN8: Amount of kilometers of river routes and canals cleared/dredgedKilometers0

Organizations overview

International Organization for Migration1Logistics
World Food Programme3Logistics