Ukraine Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) 2019

Humanitarian response plan | Rev: 1.0


Alexandra Malukalo
Food Security Cluster
Food Security and Livelihoods
People in need
People to receive aid
Requirements ($)
Coverage (%)
Unmet ($)

Cluster Objectives

  • 1

    Most vulnerable conflict-affected groups have immediate access to food
  • 2

    Affected populations improve food security status through rehabilitated agriculture and/or increased agricultural production for sustainable livelihoods
  • 3

    Affected populations have access to employment and income generating opportunities through rehabilitation/building sustainable livelihood assets

Indicator overview

Provision of cash transfers/vouchers

Contributes tocheck_circleCluster Objective 1
IndicatorUnitIn needTargetTargeted (%)Measure
IN1: # of individuals receiving cash transfers/ vouchers to improve their immediate access to foodIndividuals267,00059,51022.3%