Ukraine Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) 2019

Humanitarian response plan | Rev: 2.5
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Cluster Objectives

  • 1

    Adapt coordination mechanisms to the context and support effective, coherent and principled delivery of humanitarian assistance
  • 2

    Guide humanitarian action by joint strategic planning, improved information management and needs assessment, and respond based on prioritized needs, including preparedness and resilience aspects
  • 3

    Ensure predictable, timely and sustained humanitarian financing based on priority needs

Indicator overview

CA1: Monitoring and analysis of events impacting the humanitarian response, including reporting, advocacy documents, needs/gaps analysis
IN1: HCT, inter-cluster, general and fi eld-based, civil-military, NGO and donor coordination provided with regular advocacy and analysis documents000calendar_today0calendar_today0calendar_today
CA2: HCT carries out regular review of coordination mechanisms, in collaboration with ICG, clusters, and possibly with HQ support
IN1: Regular follow up of transition plans for clusters010calendar_today0calendar_today0calendar_today
CA3: Prepare and share in a timely fashion quality information products (e.g. 3W, humanitarian bulletins, snapshots, dashboards, access, incident maps etc.) based on information available
IN1: Situational and analytical reports regularly submitted and circulated to humanitarian partners000calendar_today0calendar_today0calendar_today
CA4: Facilitate joint and coordinated assessments and reporting on results
IN1: Joint assessments, and monitoring and evaluation missions, occur on a regular basis000calendar_today0calendar_today0calendar_today
CA5: Process and analyse results of multi-sector, cluster-specifi c and other needs assessments for strategic plans, advocacy and other coordination products and lead process for the development of the HNO and HRP
IN1: HNO, HRP and revisions, contingency plan revision based on analysis of information and assessments available000calendar_today0calendar_today0calendar_today
CA6: Organize Inter-Agency Contingency Plan (IACP) meeting and develop IACP updates with all relevant stakeholders for HCT endorsement
IN1: Preparedness and resilience aspects of emergency response are regularly reviewed and planning processes are in place000calendar_today0calendar_today0calendar_today
CA7: Adequate resources are mobilized for humanitarian action
IN1: Provide HCT and other stakeholders with regular monitoring on HRP funding000calendar_today0calendar_today0calendar_today
CA8: Facilitate, guide and consolidate Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) submission and reporting under the auspices of the Humani-tarian Coordinator
IN1: CERF requests elaborated and submitted000calendar_today0calendar_today0calendar_today
CA9: Organize regular meetings and fi eld missions with key donors for advocacy and resource mobilization purposes
IN1: Regular donor coordination meetings and fi eld missions facilitated000calendar_today0calendar_today0calendar_today