Somalia 2019

Humanitarian response plan | Rev: 1.1


Johannes Van Gemund
Refugee Response

The protection risks which face the Somali people are well documented; violence, exploitation, abuse, coercion and deprivation are all common. In 2019, the protection environment in Somalia is expected to remain fragile, creating challenges for those living there. A particularly vulnerable group of people are those seeking international protection in the country. The Refugee Response strategy is geared towards providing lifesaving assistance to over 39,000 refugees and asylum-seekers, mostly originating from Ethiopia and Yemen. The absence of a comprehensive and up-to-date federal legal and policy framework for refugee protection increases their vulnerability considerably. All refugees and asylum-seekers live in urban or peri-urban areas amongst host communities, with a significant proportion residing in areas housing the urban poor. Refugees and asylum-seekers face a range of protection problems, including xenophobia, risk of refoulement, arbitrary arrest and detention, sexual violence, exploitation and abuse, and discrimination with regard to access to justice and to the already limited basic services and livelihood opportunities. The response is based on a number of ongoing prioritised activities: legal interventions, to address physical and legal protection risks (including that of forced evictions); improving registration, identity and civil status documentation; the promotion of refugees’ access to national systems, especially basic services; the enhancement of self-reliance, through training workshops (including Vocational Skills Training); the development of updated refugee protection legislation; and the support of reception centres, which accept previously-migrated Somalis back into the country.

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Cluster Objectives

  • 1

    Favourable Protection Environment and Durable Solutions
  • 2

    Fair Protection Processes and Documentation
  • 3

    Security from Violence and Exploitation
  • 4

    Basic Needs and Essential Services
  • 5

    Community Empowerment and Self Reliance

Indicator overview

Favourable Protection Environment and Durable Solutions

Contributes tocheck_circleStrategic Objective 3 check_circleStrategic Objective 4
IndicatorUnitIn needTargetTargeted (%)Measure
IN1: Number of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in need of asylum spacePeopleShow the disaggregated data for this data point38,970Show the disaggregated data for this data point38,970100.0%
IN2: Number of Refugees identified for urgent need of durable solutions related to resettlementPeople2006030.0%