Somalia 2020

Humanitarian response plan | Rev: 3.7
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People targeted
Requirements ($)
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Strategic Objectives

  • 1

    Prevalence of acute malnutrition and health needs affecting more than 1.6 million people reduced by the end of 2020
  • 2

    Enable 3.6 million people including 2.1 million non-IDPs and 1.4 million IDPs in 74 districts to meet their basic needs by end-2020
  • 3

    Strengthen the protection of the right to safety and dignity of 3.2 million people including 610,000 women, 900,000 girls, 590,000 men and 1,1 million boys affected by conflict and climatic shocks
  • 4

    Enhance the capacity of 1.4 million people in 73 districts to cope with significant shocks through the construction of transitional and permanent shelters, rehabilitation and restoration of productive assets; enhance livelihood strategies and disaster preparedness

Humanitarian profile